Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Coding styles that make me twitch, part 3

Today's twitchiness is sponsored by ... no, wait, I don't have sponsors. Ah, well.

I have an issue with people who insist on using <"> as a string delimiter when the (static) string itself contains that very character. It gets fugly all too soon:

my $html_output = "<a href=\"$pagename.html\" title=\"Oh, a link to $pagename\"> ...\n";

It's so easy to avoid having to quote the <"> while still allowing variable interpolation:

my $html_output = qq(<a href="$pagename.html" title="Oh, a link to $pagename"> ...\n);

Since the example is HTML (and could be e.g. SQL), and it might be multi-line, why not ...
my $html_output = <<EOL;
<a href="$pagename.html"
title="Oh, a link to $pagename>

That wasn't so hard? Or fugly?


fREW said...


Anonymous said...

I never bothered to learn to remember qq; maybe I will now. Thanks!

Chas. Owens said...

Same goes for people who say /\/usr\/bin/ instead of m{/usr/bin}.

Marilyn Burgess said...

I agree too