Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Contributing to Perl

Inspiration is a big bother, at least when you don't have it.

I never felt that I had anything to contribute to the Perl community until the Nordic Perl Workshop this year, when I suddenly was involved in a small way.

I'm still involved in a small way, and only occasionally, but that works rather well.

In retrospect, my expectation that contributing would be a Big Deal turned out be wrong.

I don't have to solve all the problems in the world, and I don't have to solve the Big Ones, either.

It doesn't even take much of my time, and this level of contribution is one that suits many people.

Inspiration comes from the impression I have that there are many more people like me, and that all those little trickles of water we add to the pool are enough to keep the more active contributors going.

What is difficult, however, is to keep up with the Iron Man blogging challenge. I knew it would be when I got started, but I figured that there would always be something to write about without seeming too inane.

Today's post shows that I was wrong on that count. :D

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AdamKennedy said...

Speaking as a big contributor, I definitely agree that having others proving smaller stuff helps encourage me.