Sunday, August 1, 2010

Community boost

It is now three days since the release of Rakudo Star.

Everything has met my personal expectations, except for one major thing:

There is a bunch of new people on #perl6, who are actively engaged in trying out Rakudo Star/Perl 6, in testing, submitting bug reports, patch suggestions, asking for help, providing help, helping themselves…

I really do not have anything profound to say, but I can say this:

Now we are really getting somewhere!


Anonymous said...

I've been playing with it and finding the best part is all compromises I have to decide on, like "Do I want great OO and use Moose/MooseX::Declare" versus "This is going to CPAN and should have a low dependency count" just don't have to be made. I get quite a bit out of the box.

Right now the only thing I'm missing (or learning) is the difference between Moose style type constraints and Perl6 types. There's a difference here and I have to figure out what I like/don't like.

Otherwise its cool. I may try to port my Google storage stuff to it and see how far I can get.


PlanetMan said...

I'd like to second your comments. Within days of the release Rakudo star, both Perlito and Yapsis also release. That's excellent!