Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 In Perl

Repeat after me: I will not pretend to be an analyst or doomsayer, even though the end (of 2009) is nigh.

In 2009, Perl grew up a bit more, both as a language and as a community.

Language Development

Perl 5.10.1 came with a pony to those of us who fear the .0 releases.

The Perl 5.11 development tree got started, and it looks like it is rolling on rails. At this rate, we will see 5.12.0 quicker than you can say antidisestablishmentarianism.

... Perl 6 has made progress both on the specification side and in implementations -- yep, that is plural. It is sometimes confusing when naming changes under your feet, but it is acceptable while the spec is still settling.


In 2009, I think I saw more openness regarding the internal conflicts in the Perl community as a whole; there were abundant admissions that we were not communicating nearly as well as we should, that there was at least a small amount of internal bickering over the present and future state of the onion -- onions, I must inject, tend to come in many shapes and flavours, and are not always the same inside -- really, which way we are going, are we having a conflict or not (yes we are -- no we are not -- huh, are we talking? -- pass the chips), and get off my lawn before I shoot or hug you.

In brief, it looks to me like 2009 was the year when the community showed renews signs of self-awareness.

But much more happened. We got a closer focus on Perl visibility, from my POV mainly owing to Matt S. Trout's lightning talk challenge from NPW 2009, plus a whole range of people working on other PR aspects for ourselves. And mst still keeps his hair colour. Wow.

Other Stuff

I made new friends, I learned a lot, I even got to help out a bit, and I hope that this will continue in 2010.

I hope you will too.

Happy new year!

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