Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Oslo.pm Past and Future

In case the title wasn't a give-away: this is a non-technical blog entry.

I became an Oslo.pm member by signing up for the mailing list shortly after the Nordic Perl Workshop 2009. That's cheap (well, free!), easy, and therefore newbie-friendly.

Last week, I dropped in at the general assembly and exercised my speaking and voting rights, and got an inside scoop on how this Perl organization works. The board members were, after all, the guys who did a terrific job arranging not only this spring's workshop, but also mostly the same people who held the workshop of 2006, which also went quite well.

From my point of view, Oslo.pm has come from being an anonymous group to a rather solid little volunteer organization. Before 2006, I'd have said "huh?" if someone asked me who might have anything to do with Perl in Norway, afterwards, I knew there was something called Oslo.pm, and so did a few people in Europe and the USA. After NPW 2009, I think it's safe to say that the organization is now known as a stable and capable group of Perl mongers. That's a decent achievement, especially in this age, when it seems like almost nobody (in Norway) is willing to do anything free of charge.

So what did they think about themselves, and what's going to happen in the near future?

True to the Norwegian spirit, they were modest and self-disparaging, but they were very happy that the attendees were apparently happy, even months later.

Salve J. Nilsen, the Great Leader of 2009, bowed and said farewell to the post of chairman, and now Marcus Ramberg is at the helm.

The new Oslo.pm board will attempt to increase local activity, and there will probably be some kind of technical talk on the first Wednesday of almost every month in 2010. They aim to increase cooperation with local Perl-using companies, as well as aiming for some cross-language and language agnostic sessions.

First out is tomorrow's Perl 5.10 session at Redpill Linpro, which I'm sure will be technically rewarding for those who show up. I plan to!

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