Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Post-hackathon thoughts

It has been a few days, and we have (sort of) landed.

I shall call this year's Perl 6 Patterns hackathon a success, judging by how the participants seemed to enjoy themselves during the hackathon, and the inspired blogging afterwards.

Salve (sjn) and Rune (krunen) have, on behalf of, delivered to standards that I am a bit worried that guests now will come to expect ;), and although I did not have capacity to help with much, I am happy with how everything turned out, except for one thing:

Damian caught a cold, and was essentially out of the loop for most of the hackathon.


But he delivered a kick-ass talk on Thursday, and was very helpful and a very good resource before he somewhat reluctantly accepted the thrown towel.

I did not do much hacking this year myself, but I managed to revive some of my Perl 6 skills. I even fiddled a bit with the cookbook (dormant for three years or so, and therefore slightly out-of-date in some respects). I hope to contribute more to that piece of documentation in the coming months.

The bonus if I manage to work my way through it, is that I will be pretty much up to speed with the language. Win!

My thanks go to all the participants of the Hackathon, without you, Perl 6 would be much the poorer!

Sunday, April 22, 2012 Patterns Hackathon pictures

Hacking: sjn, moritz (back), pmichaud, jnthn, masak, tadzik, sergot, bjarneh

Hacking: imarcusthis, infosophy

Posing, back to front, left to right:
infosophy, moritz, arnsholt, sjn, krunen, masak
tadzik, jnthn, frettled, pmichaud

Friday, April 13, 2012 Perl 6 Patterns Hackathon 2012

In one week (2012-04-20 – 2012-04-22), a bunch of bright people will attend the Perl 6 Patterns Hackathon in Oslo.

Perl 6 – both its specification and implementations – will become one of the Great Ones. I admit that we are not quite there yet, but to me, Perl 6 is a language for the long term.

In one of the meetings krunen, sjn and I had this winter, we discussed this, and how to get there. I hope the Perl 6 Patterns Hackathon will contribute significantly, and I also hope that in 30-60 years, we will look back and be happy about most of the choices made around this time! I truly believe that we can get there!

Call for sponsor matching

In this spirit, Ingvoldstad IT decided to sponsor this hackathon with NOK 5,000 (≈ EUR 650), and I hereby call for other companies who develop software* to match this amount. will put those money to good use!

I hope to see you in Oslo in a week!

* I did not write "Perl" here, because I think that is largely irrelevant. Perl 6 is an amalgam of many of the most interesting programming language features, and offers a very compelling path to those who want a next-generation language after the current versions of e.g. Perl, Python, and Ruby.