Monday, November 9, 2009

What the #perl6 IRC bots do

Do you feel like a n00b on #perl6, like I do, and wonder what the different bots do?

I keep forgetting what they are, so here's a list for you and me both:

Announces commits (mainly to rakudo, nqp-rx and the Perl 6 book)

Used for hugging another user without "direct" contact:
hugme: hug masak

Near-realtime IRC logs with automatic link generation to The original ilbot sucked, according to moritz.

Another logging bot

Keeps track of karma ("moritz++" adds one to moritz's karma score, "frettled--" subtracts one from mine)

Announces entries pasted to (which is where we paste code and other stuff, so that we avoid spamming the channel too much, and also don't have to worry about creating our own temporary web pages)

Submits rakudo bugs. Aw, okay, then, he's not a bot, just a really nice guy!

Also tracks karma, attempting to be slightly less annoying than lambdabot. mubot is clever enough to recognize that your nick may vary slightly from time to time and channel to channel. mubot is written in Perl 6!

Perl 6 code evaluation bot. We use this for live testing of code that may be of interest to others; it chats back to the channel. perl6: my $a; will result in a test against several Perl 6 interpreters (elf, mildew, mildew-js, pugs, rakudo, sprixel), nqp: say('foo') tests nqp-rx, std: my $a will parse the expression with

Our secretary. Sample usage:
phenny, tell frettled I'll get back to you on that
phenny will then let me know when I become active on the channel again.

Provides links to projects tracked by proto. Example usage:
< carlin> pointme: rssbot
< pointme> carlins's rssbot is at
pointme is written in Perl 6!

Tracks commits to the pugs repository, most of which are changes to the test suite and spec.

Tracks blog posts from a certain group of bloggers. Zaslon is written in Perl 6!

Thanks to carlin, Juerd, jnthn and moritz for late night clarifications!


Unknown said...


sounds great. I would like to see the bots codes for the perl6 written ones. any link ?

bakkushan said...

Just join #perl6 and say e.g.:

pointme: mubot